Khau Phạ CBT by KPF

Khau Phạ CBT by KPF


Khau Phạ CBT by KPF is the first community-based tourism project of KPF operated in a village of Thái ethnic people. Located next to the Nậm Cang stream at the foot of the famous Khau Phạ pass, this is also the place where the annual paragliding festival “Fly Over the Golden Season” takes place.

Why to choose Khau Phạ CBT?

4 stilt houses of local indigenous Thái families have been supported by KPF with redesigning and rebuilding their houses in a nature-friendly manner while preserving the traditional cultural features turning the original simple houses into beautiful accommodation facilities mixed with nature for tourists.

Besides, local people are also guided and supported with cooking, communication, and welcoming skills to bring to the tourists the best experience possible while staying there.

With the majestic scenery of Lìm Mông valley, fresh air and beautiful nature, diverse culture, unique cuisine and the hospitable simplicity of Thái and Hmông people, KPF believes that you will have a great experience here and will love Ít Thái village and the whole Khau Phạ as much as we do.

Authentic journey awaits at our Homestays

Located in the heart of Ít Thái village, every homestay has its own unique style and personality thanks to the amazing owners.

Explore our 4 accommodation facilities – 3 shared family houses and 1 private house – and choose the one that suits your preferences the most.

Authentic cultural immersion

Trekking in stunning nature, traditional farming, indigo dyeing cloth and bamboo knitting with Thái people or beeswax painting with the Hmông people will fully immerse you in a different way of life.

Try our curated experiences to truly learn about the unique local culture.