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KPF - Khau Pha Friends

We are a social enterprise on a mission to bring positive impact for ethnic minorities in the Northwestern Region of Vietnam. Together we contribute to sustainable developments in this land through:


We focus on activities that help local people make their living easier by exploiting the potential from their homeland based on 3 key activities: Community-based tourism, Agriculture and Afforestation.


We always highlight environmental activities in all our programs. We guide and support local people  with waste treatment, tree planting, landscape cultivation and more to support healthier and happier lives.


KPF is dedicated to supporting educational facilities, hospitality training, improving English, as well as guiding local people about environmental protection and preservation of indigenous cultures.

Community for Community

In 2018, we started as a group of friends with a mission to support Cao Phạ commune in Mù Cang Chải – Yên Bái.

Today, KPF is a large community of dedicated members  involved in lots of activities, not only supporting the livelihoods and well-being of local ethnic people, but also protecting and preserving natural beauty.

Your Authentic Experience Starts Here

For us, Community-based Tourism is the ideal way to sustainably support local communities while bringing the most authentic experiences to travellers. 

Check out our projects and immerse yourself into the indigenous world of mountainous rural Vietnam.

Khau Phạ CBT by KPF

Located in Ít Thái village surrounded by Lìm Mông valley, Khau Phạ CBT is our founding project. 4 traditional stilt houses owned by extremely hospitable Thái ethnic families rebuilt with an eco-friendly style and traditional cultural preservation mindset. Here, our guests have a chance to experience the unique lifestyle and local culture in the middle of breathtaking nature.

Pù Luông CBT by KPF

The second community-based tourism project is located in the heart of Pù Luông Nature Reserve just 150 km from Hanoi. Very soon, in Son Bá Mười village, the first homestay supported by KPF will open its doors and start a new chapter in our vision to expand the KPF’s sustainable model into other localities across Northwestern Vietnam.

How can you help?

We are constantly growing our community with new passionate members who want to step out of a passive role into an active one.

Are you an organisation, specialist, donor or passionate volunteer? Explore all the collaboration opportunities KPF has to offer and become part of making a better future.