Quyết Đoản Homestay

“If you want to run a good homestay, you have to work hard, meet the smallest requirements of the guests, so that the customers will love you and come back next time.”

– Owners of the Quyết Đoản Homestay –

About Quyết Đoản Homestay

Quyết Đoản homestay is the third household participating in the accommodation model operated by KPF in Ít Thái Village. This is considered as a homestay with beautiful view, delicious meals and the most hospitable host in the homestay chain of Khau Phạ CBT.

Homestay Quyết Đoản is located at the entrance of the village with two wooden stilt houses that are built based on the traditional Thái architecture. Each dorm can accommodate 12-15 guests.

The house has a long balcony around the whole floor with a view overlooking over the large rice fields where all paragliders can be observed flying in the sky or touching down on the landing place in Lìm Mông village nearby.

“Quyết Đoản Homestay is the place where visitors can enjoy an airy space to stay, meet and interact with local village people and enjoy delicious Thái cuisine.”

Owner’s Story 

Quyết Đoản were amongst one of the first households to run a homestay business in Khau Phạ valley, even before KPF has established it’s community-based tourism project in the village. Besides operating the homestay, Quyết Đoản’s family is also running a small grocery store to serve the local villagers, so both Quyết and Đoản have a good sense for business.

After a period of time observing and learning about the first two homestays supported by KPF in the village (Quân Pỏm and Kiên Pành), Quyết’s family found KPF’s model to be effective and expressed their wish to join into the KPF’s CBT chain.

Wishing to develop their homestay in a sustainable way, thanks to the companion and advice of KPF, Quyết Đoản’s family built a new stilt house and renovated previous facilities to meet the standards of a comfortable, nature-friendly accommodation.

With the experience of welcoming the tourists and a profound ability to cook as a “master chef” of Cao Phạ commune, Quyết Đoản homestay is the place where visitors can enjoy an airy space to stay, meet and interact with local village people and enjoy delicious Thái cuisine.

What has changed in the owner’s life after operating the homestay?

Looking at the current property, few people would have guessed that Mr. Quyết’s family had a difficult situation in the past. After the marriage, life was nothing but the fields left by their parents. But as time went by, with an endless effort trying many different professions and making a fortune from trading cattle and agricultural products, his family had the capital to run a homestay business.

A man over 40 years old, finished 3rd grade of elementary school, without ability to write in Vietnamese properly but speaking Thái, Hmông and Kinh fluently – that’s the extremely welcoming and hospitable host of Quyết Đoản homestay you will meet.

Since starting the homestay operation, Mr. Quyết and Ms. Đoản have gained a new income from welcoming guests, serving meals and selling agricultural products. Besides, they have more new friends, know more interesting things and become more confident when mastering their value chain. Not only that, children and relatives in the family also have the opportunity to learn from the example about the services and increase their income through supporting tourism activities.

Facilities & Pricing

Accomodation price:

  • 150.000 VND/person/night (breakfast included)
  • 2.000.000 VND/house/night. From persons 16 and above surcharge 50.000 VND/person. (breakfast included)

Meal price:

  • For a group of 6 persons and below: starting at 150.000 VND/meal.
  • For a group of 7 persons and above: starting at 120.000 VND/meal.

BBQ on the hill: Starting at 250.000 VND/meal.

À la carte: The price depends on the food demands. Guests can also use a shared kitchen to cook their own meals.

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