About KPF

Our ultimate goal is to support communities with sustainable livelihoods through responsible tourism activities, environmental protection and education.

About Khau Pha Friends

KPF – abbreviated by the phrase “Khau Pha Friends” – was formerly a group of friends enthusiastic about helping the society. Established on January 20, 2018, after more than three years of operation in Cao Phạ commune – Mù Cang Chải district – Yên Bái province, KPF has established a social enterprise as a legal entity named Khau Pha Friends Joint Stock Company – KPF JSC.

Today, KPF is on a journey to support and spread sustainable development of ethnic minority communities across the Northwestern region of Vietnam through responsible tourism activities.

Our Mission and Values 


We are committed to bring back the positive changes to ethnic minority communities in terms of economy, environment, and cultural preservation, thereby helping people create resistance to the development of urbanization and the wave of mass tourism.

Core Values

KPF members share the following core values:

  • Transparency
  • Justice
  • Humanity
  • Open-minded
  • Sharing knowledge
  • For the community

Key milestones of KPF


KPF was established with the goal of supporting people in Khau Phạ valley with sustainable development.

04 - 05/2018

KPF starts to deploy educational activities for local people in Khau Pha Valley in 2018


Quân Pỏm Homestay by KPF officially starts operation. This homestay is our first first project of KPF.


Kiên Pành Homestay by KPF officially starts operation.


Quyết Đoản Homestay by KPF officially starts operation.


KPF establish a social enterprise as a legal entity named Công ty cổ phần những người bạn Khau Phạ KPF JSC.


Opening of Khau Phạ House - a private accommodation facility, community library and KPF's representative office in Khau Phạ valley.

Successful projects in Khau Phạ

Tourism projects

  • Cooperation with local people for renovation of the traditional stilt houses into homestays
  • Building products and services imbued with local cultural identity
  • Support, guidance and training of local people to operate community-based tourism
  • Visiting Khau Phạ CBT by local people and authorities of Lũng Cao commune, Pù Luông
  • Signed contract for the long-term lease of Konghill
  • Establish partnership with CC Foundation as a investor into KPF's CBT projects

Economy projects

  • Business support and offtake of agricultural products from local people: Khau Phạ green rice, white rice, and other rice varieties
  • Preservation of indigo dyeing craft by its restoration and development: selling indigo-dyed scarves and fabrics
  • Guidance and support to local people for establishment of agricultural fellowship

Environmental projects

  • Organizing the Environmental Day
  • Planting trees for afforestation
  • Waste processing
  • Raising the awareness of residents and visitors about environmental protection

Educational projects

  • Opening of English Club
  • Building a community library
  • Organizing summer camps for children
  • Supporting facilities for schools in Cao Pha

What will KPF do in the near future? 

1. Start operation of Pù Luông CBT by KPF in Thanh Hoá and its community development activities across the area.

2. Together with local people of Khau Phạ, build and operate new accommodation facilities with the criteria of a high-end customer segment that homestays cannot meet.

3. Educate the Vietnamese mass tourism market about responsible sustainable tourism through online communication campaigns and content.

4. Research and replicate KPF’s model to new localities in the region.

Our Partners

Social enterprises, travel operators, embassies and more. We are eternally grateful for our valuable partners who share and support the same values.

Meet Our Team

See the people behind KPF who dedicate their time, knowledge, skills and most importantly their heart into work for a better, sustainable future.