Get Involved

Where all good things begin

Do you wonder what you can do to contribute to KPF? In our community, some have time, others have experience or networks. But all of them support KPF by their best strengths and with their own heart.

Take a look to find out how you can get involved in making a positive impact for the local communities with us.

B2B cooperation

Any individual organization that sees KPF as a potential cooperation partner can see all our activities in the Enterprise Sector.

Contact us for more specific advice on possible activities for your organization or the opportunity to collaborate on future events.

Specialists & Collaborators

If you specialize in a field that is related to KPF’s activities, you can spare your time to consult KPF and collaborate with us on many different activities.

We encourage you to contact us and find out where you can help.

Financial support and in-kind support

You can contribute to KPF’s community development activities by financial or in-kind support. KPF will use the resources for necessary activities related to the Foundation Sector.

With your help, we can accelerate the positive impact to the communities.


We are always open to the people who just want to help.

For a short or long period of time, if you feel like you could be valuable to KPF’s work in any way, we would like to encourage you to contact us.