Foundation Sector

KPF Main Activities

Our goal is to bring sustainable development to the communities while positioning them at the centre. Through 3 main activities we guide, support and empower local people towards a better long lasting future full of new opportunities, healthy living environment and ultimately cultural pride and confidence.

Economy supports

  • Tourism: Supporting local people to develop community-based tourism in a sustainable way, setting up accommodation facilities, creating tourism services, providing training in hospitality and overall project management.
  • Agriculture: Finding crops and breeding animals that are suitable for local conditions, guiding local people to experiment and improve economic efficiency and connecting local suppliers with customers in cities.
  • Afforestation: Guiding local people to plant forest trees which have an economic potential.

Environmental Activities

  • Organize environmental events to guide local people to classify, collect and treat garbage.
  • Support local people with waste treatment infrastructures such as a garbage collection system and incinerators.
  • Guide local people to compost organic waste into a micro-organic fertilizer for agriculture and limit the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Plant trees and flowers in residential areas to improve the landscape.
  • Instruct people to keep the living environment clean and hygienic. Keep animals in proper hygiene conditions and protect their health.

Educational projects

  • Guide and share knowledge about environmental protection, sorting garbage, dealing with tourists and preserving indigenous cultures.
  • Guide people about the sense of civilization, environmental protection and preservation of indigenous cultures.
  • Guide children, homestay families and residents to practice English in order to meet the basic needs for communication with foreign tourists.
  • Support facilities for Cao Pha primary school in its abilities and suitable conditions.
  • Support Cao Pha primary school to establish and operate the English club.