Enterprise Sector

Khau Phạ CBT by KPF

Right at the edge of the Mù Cang Chải area, notoriously known for its stunning terraced rice fields, lays our foundation project – Khau Phạ CBT by KPF. 

Explore this truly unique, rich, and hospitable destination with us and we will guarantee that you’ll experience love at first sight.

Pù Luông CBT by KPF

Just 150 km from Hanoi lies the Pù Luông Nature Reserve. Despite the booming development and popularity within the capital’s residents, we have found a hidden gem in this extremely rich and diverse area.

Take the opportunity to experience Pù Luông from a truly responsible eco-tourism perspective through our new Pù Luông CBT project.

On-going projects by KPF

With attention on bringing meaningful values and unique experiences, we are always pushing forward by creating new exciting projects. 


Every year, KPF offtake cốm (green rice) in Ít Thái village with the goal to maintain stable prices for farmers, promote clean agricultural products and reinvest all profits back to the community.

KPF has successfully built and developed the Cốm Khau Phạ brand that gives local communities an advantage to have a competitive product on the common market of poor quality mixed cốm.

Summer Camp

Connecting Vietnamese children from the cities with the nature and ethnic cultures in Khau Phạ, the Summer Camp gives an opportunity to discover interesting aspects of themselves as well as gain more knowledge about local children from other ethnic groups.

Through a number of intensive activities, campers share, learn and improve essential life skills and practice important personality habits such as understanding, sharing, and sense of responsibility.

KPF's Summer Camp is a memorable week-long experience full of self-development, exchange and adventurous reconnection with nature.

Konghill Glamping

On-going development of a new glamorous accommodation project will bring an unprecedented experience in Khau Phạ.

Located below the majestic Konghill mountain, this place will offer one of the most stunning views over the Lìm Mông valley together with a high level glamping facility.

Stay updated with us and look forward to the opening in 2022.