Pù Luông CBT by KPF

Pù Luông CBT by KPF


Our second and newest community-based tourism project of KPF operated in the heart of Pù Luông Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoá province. Since 2020, KPF has been on a mission to find an ideal location suitable for our sustainable development model that we are trying to expand across the Northwestern region of Vietnam.

After intensive research in this vast, diverse and fast growing area, KPF has been successful to establish relations with both local people and authorities which led to choosing 2 spectacular villages as the foundation for bringing a positive impact to Pù Luông.

With the first homestay being renovated right now, KPF will soon be happy to open and start bringing benefits to both guests and local communities.

Why to choose Pù Luông CBT?

Son Bá Mười and Leo are 2 unique villages KPF chose as a base for our tourism activities in the Pù Luông area. Located 25 km from each other, both villages have a different environment, local culture, architecture, lifestyle, atmosphere and more importantly possibilities to explore, learn and experience.

This diversity gives an opportunity to truly experience the richness of Vietnam’s ethnic minority communities and nature just within one local area. Moreover, we have established relationships with other like-minded projects in Pù Luông to maximize the potential of bringing the best complex experiences possible for our guests.

Taking advantage of the National natural reserve consisting of dense forests, caves, waterfalls, streams, fields and trails, this is a true natural paradise for trekking.

Located just 150 km from Hanoi, Pù Luông CBT by KPF offers an opportunity of rich and diverse tourism experience options with a reliability of only 3,5 hours travel distance from the capital.

Surprisingly cool climate, dramatic yet intimate landscape, agricultural hidden gem.


Welcome to Son Bá Mười.

A Little highland plateau surrounded by mountains covered with natural forests makes this place a true hidden gem with a feeling of uniqueness, peacefulness and intimacy.

An elevation of 1000 metres above sea level makes Son Bá Mười one of the highest located areas in Thanh Hoá province and one of the best summer escape destinations during hot seasons in the lowlands.

Favourable cool temperatures provide the local Thái ethnic people stable conditions to grow plenty of different crops all year round while giving guests an opportunity to experience popular ecotourism activities such as farming and trekking.

With the first local families joining hands with KPF and an initial homestay being renovated at the moment, very soon KPF will start welcoming its first guests.

Leo – lush world within the trees

Thanks to the community living literally hidden within the trees, this truly unique village will impress your senses from the first moment you step in. Located at the foothill, right at the beginning of the forest, this place will give you a feeling of a forgotten oasis you’ve been searching for. 

A mix of rich green environment, unique wooden architecture and an extremely hospitable local community lifestyle makes Leo village a must-see when in Pù Luông.

Want to know more?

Pù Luông CBT by KPF plans to officially start tourism operations for the public in Q4 2021. All the information about accommodation facilities and tourism experiences will soon be updated here. 

If you would like to get more information or participate in a trial operation phase, please contact us.